Customer Testimonials



Nothing speaks louder than the words of your customers.

Client testimonials are a powerful way to validate your products and services. This becomes an effective resource for potential customers to invest in your brand.


Nicola Wealth Management

Nicola Wealth Management is all about service. They take care of their clients. They also produce results. We helped them leverage the quality of their service by allowing a few of their clients talk about their impact. In the video, we get to know these people in order for the audience to trust them when they say they enjoy putting their finances in the hands of Nicola.

Watch below or see how they look on Nicola Wealth’s website.


Essential Impact - Rogers

Essential Impact has been helping businesses large and small for years. They wanted to share their successes as a way to attract new clients. We learned a lot about their business to understand who they were and who they wanted to reach. It became evident that they didn’t want to to just focus on the “big fish”. They loved working with clients large and small, from large corporations to small non-profits.

The benefit of doing more than one customer testimonial is that it gives you the chance to showcase the breadth of clients your company serves. Not only does it look great on a website, you can also send the most relevant video to the potential client you are hoping to land.

Check out the Essential Impact website to see these videos in action!

Essential Impact - Rogers

Essential Impact - Joey Restaurants

We have been thrilled with the quality, creativity and business impact the videos have created. We had high profile clients who were professionally handled and wanted to tell their story and were very impressed with the quality of the end product. This result required both professional technical skills but also a high level of client management skills which we required and your team delivered on. Very much appreciated and valued! Thanks guys!
— Dave Busse - Founding Partner Essential Impact

What do your customers say about you?

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