We never start a project until we know your objective.

No business is the same. Therefore, no video strategy is the same. We spend a lot of time understanding your company, your customers, and the goals of your organization before we turn the cameras on. What do you want to achieve?

We create a plan and a roadmap for what kind of content we should create together and how we are going to get it seen by the right people.


types of videos


brand story

Start With WHY. This is what your customers and clients will connect with. Build trust by giving an inside look into the heart and soul of your business. Connect on a deeper level and create brand loyalty.


Nothing speaks louder than your happy customers telling the world about how your company helped them save the day.

Sizzle Reels

Grab your customers’ attention by showing your product or service in action. Our buttery smooth slow motion looks great on your website banner and boosts your SEO. These videos are great for video displays at trade shows.


Old Spice, Doritos, Ikea, Snickers. Some of the biggest brands are known for their hilarious commercials and chances are you remember at least a handful of them. We have a long history of using comedy to reach audiences and spreading awareness in a light hearted way.


Keep your customers informed and coming back for more. It also greatly reduces the back and forth emails and calls to your customer service. Point them to a set of “How-To” videos and all of their FAQ’s will be answered.


Almost every Non-Profit has a yearly fundraising event. Having a powerful video to showcase at these events has proven to increase donations significantly. Connect with your audience on a heart level and show them the impact you are having in the world.



Okay, we have a plan. Let’s get on to the fun stuff! We are a full service studio which means we write, shoot and edit all of our own content.  


Pre-Production is vital to any video project. This is where the story is discovered.

First, we need a script. Then we break it down and figure out what visuals we’ll need to capture. Then comes all of the logistics and planning for how we’re going to pull it off on budget.


As much as we pride ourselves in our storytelling ability, we also pride ourselves in our high quality production. We have invested in some of the best equipment to make sure we capture beautiful video and sound.  


This is where the story really comes alive. We take everything we've gathered and assemble it into beautifully crafted films that mix a great story, awesome visuals and immersive sound that will engage your audience. 



Don’t spend good money on video if you don’t have a plan to get it seen by the right people.

Creating awesome content is a huge waste of money if it’s not being seen. We help you get your video content on the right platforms in front of the right audience.

Going viral and having a million views is a great pat on the back but if it’s the wrong audience, the video still may not achieve your goals. Targeted Ads are a great way to ensure that the RIGHT people are seeing your videos and taking the next step by responding to the Call to Action.


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