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We came to K’Pure because we loved their products and business philosophy. They said they would love to work with us and a plan came into motion quickly. They were planning on launching two new products that were inspired by the landscape of the Vancouver Island coastal town of Tofino. We planned a three day production trip where we would create a lifestyle/environmental promotional video for each of their new products along with some supplemental material for social media and website use.



We spent a total of three production days in Tofino capturing a mix environment, lifestyle and product photos and video. It was a tight schedule in order to achieve our shot list but it went off with a hitch. Tofino was an amazing location to shoot, from a beautiful golden hour scene at the beach, to more moody sequences in the forest and on the rocky coast line.



Director: Adam Wormald

Director of Photography: Samuel Bryce

Production Manager: Justin Raine

Second Camera: Nicholas Thielmann