Using a video at a fundraiser is a perfect way to clearly show the impact your organization is having. We help tell your story in a way that connects on an emotional level and inspires greater engagement.


International Justice Mission

We had the opportunity to work with one of our favourite non-profits to help share about the work they are doing in Thailand. This video was premiered at the annual Vancouver Fundraiser, the biggest single event fundraiser in British Columbia for IJM. The room would be filled with business leaders and philanthropists.

Our creative approach was to accompany a well known and well respected business leader from the community on a discovery trip with IJM. The audience was transported to Thailand through the lens of Murray’s journey. Our hope was that the viewer would see themselves in Murray’s story and feel similar emotions to the ones he had.

IJM exceeded their stretch goal for the fundraising gala.


BC Women’s Hospital Foundation

Karen from K’pure Naturals makes skin care products for women. She is an advocate for women’s health and wellness and is a big supporter of BC Women’s Hospital Foundation. Every year K’pure donates money to BC Women’s Hospital on International Women’s Day. In 2019 K’pure commissioned this video in order to increase giving and awareness.

Not only did K’pure make a large donation to BC Women’s Day, she also donated proceeds from sales that day. Her sales were through the roof and resulted in a donation of over $11,000.


university of the fraser valley

Every year, UFV puts on the Town and Gown Gala, one of their major fundraisers for the year. This is where much of their bursaries and scholarships come from.

For the past 3 years, we have created stories like this one to show the impact that these scholarships are having.