make ‘em laugh

There’s a reason most viral videos are funny. People love sharing content that puts a smile on their face.

Want to get noticed and spread awareness about a new service, product, or offering?


City of Abbotsford

We love our city and we stay up to date with what’s going on. We were inspired by the new Official Community Plan that was coming together but we noticed that very few people in the community had any knowledge about it. We thought that was crazy. So we pitched them an idea.

It started out as a traditional meeting where we threw around ideas of interviewing city planners, the Mayor, and a few citizens to talk about what the OCP actually is. Everyone felt good about this idea. It was expected. It was safe.

But leaving that meeting, we couldn’t help but feel that we would only be “preaching to the choir”. The only people who would watch an informative video like the one outlined above would be the same people who have already read all of the press releases…in other words, hardly anyone.

We knew this was a perfect opportunity to do something bold. We went back to the City with a brand new idea, let’s make a comedy. Surprisingly, the went for it! We wrote the entire script and again, were surprised when it got approved.

The goal of the video shifted from educating the public about what was INSIDE the OCP to simply spreading the word to as many people as possible that there is a new OCP. That’s it. We just want people to know that things are happening.

The resulting video was a tremendous success. It was viewed over 40,000 times across various channels. We were featured on CBC News, CBC Radio, and several other media outlets.


Northview Community Church

Northview Community Church has a HUGE children’s ministry and that means they need a LOT of volunteers. Traditionally, not a lot of men were volunteering. Once again, we knew this was a perfect opportunity to use comedy.

One of the best strategies to use with comedy is to SAY what everyone else is thinking. Then overcome all of the objections and make your case. Do it in a fun and lighthearted way and perhaps you’ll break down a few walls.


Buddy Guys

We created a few episodes of a Web Series for a Canada wide contest through CBC. Out of 287 original show ideas, our little show made it to the Top 15 and ended up being the top rated show in the contest.

Here is one short clip from the series.

Fun fact: Jugdish is actually Adam’s son Theodore.