I Got Life - Demo Reel 2018

We've been doing this a long time. Filmmaking that is. But we've never really done a proper Demo Reel. So when we started talking about doing one this year, we knew we wanted it to be different. We didn't merely want it to be a mashup of some of our best shots from the year (or years) past. We wanted heart, emotion, feeling, fun. 

That's why finding the right song can be so important with something like this. We can't tell a cohesive narrative if we are pulling footage from dozens of projects. But if we have a song that tells a story, then we can match our visuals to fit that story. 

At Cassiar, we love music...all kinds of music. We have a growing record collection in our studio that is constantly switching between artists like Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, The Clash, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, etc. etc. 

A few months ago Sam started going through the Nina Simone catalogue on Spotify as he was editing. This was around the same time that I, Adam, started hinting at Sam that he should start putting a demo reel together. 

After years of talking about what kind of demo reel we wanted to make, Sam just went ahead and put one together with one of his new favourite tracks, I Got Life by Nina Simone.

The first time he showed the gang it was love at first sight...for Adam at least. It was the answer to the riddle. How can we do something different, yet still true to the heart and soul of who we are? Sam had found it. 

Since this is our first proper demo reel it does include shots from the past several years and we hope that it shows in some way, our progression and growth as a crew and as filmmakers. 

We hope you like it.