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We originally connected with BC Women’s Foundation through a video we were creating with K’Pure Naturals to try and raise funds for them on International Women’s Day. Talks continued after and an area that they need support for was their mild bank. We produced a video telling the stories of two mothers who had both been impacted in different ways by the milk bank to show it’s importance in families lives. The video was played at BC Women’s annual Glow Galla and the support generated was overwhelming. Over the course of the evening, 1.8 Million dollars was raised for the foundation.

“We had only positive feedback from guests about the video. BC Women’s Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Cheryl Davies, commented that the video was very well done. Dr. Tracy Pressey, who delivers some of the most complicated births in the province and sits on our committee, said that there wasn’t a dry eye at her table and the video really emphasized the absolute critical work at the milk bank.” - Sarah Clark, BC Women’s Foundation.