We strive to provide maximum value by giving you multiple iterations of your videos so that they can be shared and optimized across multiple platforms. Each video is broken up into shorter pieces for social media whereas on the website they will be viewed in their entirety because you have a much more invested audience.

2 - Two minute testimonials

1 - Two minute Manager Spotlight

1 - Two Minute About Us video

4 - Sixty second versions of all above videos.

1 - 30 second looped Banner Video

8 - Fifteen second social media clips

All videos will be delivered in HD 1080p as well as smaller versions optimized for Instagram.

All story videos will include subtitled versions for Social Media as many people watch video without sound on their mobile devices. 


April - Pre-Production, research, story development, creative brief, logistical planning of shoots.

May - Production of all videos + Delivery of 2 Social Clips

June - Delivery of 2 Tenant Stories + 1 Manager Spotlight + 4 Social Clips

July - Delivery of About Us Video + Banner Video + 2 Social Clips

August - December - Optional ongoing Social Clips + Video Ads