We partner with brands to tell meaningful and impactful stories. Sure, we can make your products and services look amazing on screen, but it's the story that keeps the viewer watching and spurred to action. We don't have a set formula for how to tell a story, we have several, because each story deserves its own unique approach to get to the core message and make the most impact. 


Adam WOrmald

The man brimming with ideas. Adam is inspired by people who work hard to make the world a better place. He believes in the power of a well crafted story and the impression it leaves on viewers. An upbringing suffused with equal parts Seinfeld and foreign films inspires Adam to find the right balance of comedy and drama at opportune moments to engage an audience. 

Adam is married to Bonny and has 2 (soon to be 3) beautiful kids and is excited to take them along on many adventures to explore new cultures. 


Justin Raine

The technical genius. An artist with a degree in computer engineering, Justin’s attention to detail is aimed at consistently improving and refining our process. He's a professional problem solver and lifelong learner. Justin returned to university for a minor in physics after reading Albert Einstein's biography.

Justin is married to Hannah. He loves riding his bike, drinking coffee and traveling. Preferably all on the same day. 


Sam Bryce

The film guru. Sam runs the set and makes sure we get the shot. A graduate of Capilano Film School, Sam loves anticipating how each frame will cut together in the editing room. When everyone else is ready to wrap after a long day, Sam strives for that final take.

Sam is married to Adriana and they have one awesome son. He loves all things Bavarian, sailing, and the island of Gabriola.


Mitch huttema

The cinephile. Mitch watches every single Oscar nominated film. With five years of fine arts education, Mitch approaches problems in creative ways, which is the primary reason he lives in a camper van he designed and renovated himself.

Mitch is engaged to Miranda, with dreams of eloping on the West Coast. When he isn’t chopping together rough cuts for Cassiar, he’s probably in class, watching a film, or calculating his sleep deficit.

Casey kowalchuk

The graphics fellow. As a graduate from BCIT's New Media program, Casey is the go-to guy for custom lower thirds, titles and 2D animations. A passion for clean and unified graphics for video keeps Casey going.

When Casey's not deep into an After Effects project, he's probably lying down somewhere, perusing a thrift store, looking for new music or enjoying a hot bath.

Casey isn't married to anybody yet.